Welcome to Zsuzsanna Nyul Studio!

In 2012 fine artist and Oxford graduate Zsuzsanna Nyul established Indigo and Peacock showcasing  vintage Hungarian indigo dyed linens and hand made ceramic tablewares. There are only a handful of Hungarian workshops still working in the traditional way of indigo dyeing and Zsuzsanna works alongside them, passing on her designs to be dyed the distinctive, rich blue.

Zsuzsanna has since also launched her signature range ‘Zsuzsi’ to run alongside Indigo and Peacock, which features excitingly unique and individual homeware, all beautifully hand crafted in her studio in The Cotswolds.

The indigo patterns are achieved by using the more than 250 years old wooden/brass printing block collection. The quality of the aged linen accentuates these lovely patterns with a beautiful rustic feel and look. Each of them is a real work of art.

The signature linen collection is also printed by hand. The ‘brushstroke’ quality has become the brand signature of this unique printing technique, which comes alive in the harmoniously chosen, calm colour arrangement.

The design philosophy of the studio is to create an individual eclectic mix, which  emphasises the charm and importance of the hand made and natural as opposed to mass production.